I worked with Alan on a complicated commercial real estate litigation matter involving a dispute over the application of decades worth of complex/intertwined lease, tax and mortgage payments. Alan assisted us in preparing different damage models based upon distinct components for use in mediation and then at trial. During the trial, Alan conveyed his methodologies and conclusions in simple but persuasive terms making it easy for the jury to comprehend . Needless to say his work was an integral part of our victory.

George Minski

I worked with Alan as an expert on a civil rights case where he prepared a valuation of lost earnings. He was professional, diligent, and thorough. He also worked with us on his rates and still completed the assignment ahead of schedule. I can recommend him highly.

James Ingoglia

I retained Alan on a case alleging fraudulent conduct and his services were highly valued. His expert disclosure most certainly played a role in the multi-million dollar settlement obtained. Alan is professional and quick to respond. I highly recommend his services.

Brett Nomberg

Alan worked as an expert forensic witness in a business records case in my practice at Sharmalaw – Ravi Ivan Sharma, P.C. Law Offices in New York City. @sharmalawfirm He went beyond his role and assisted the client with the retention of skilled professionals to aid it in its accounting needs. He was extremely responsive to all questions quickly.

Ravi Ivan Sharma

I have worked with Alan on several extended projects and he has always been diligent, thorough and insightful. His assistance and forensic accounting skills have been invaluable.

Samuel Goldman

Alan is one of the most talented and diligent forensics I have had the pleasure to work with.

Eli Uncyk

I tried a case with Alan and won, in large part due to his energy, commitment and focus. He was an excellent expert witness and forensic consultant.

Sam Israel