Significant cases

Mr. Blass has provided Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services in a myriad of cases including Asset Misappropriations, Breach of Contract, Dispute Resolutions, Construction Claims, Corporate Veil Piercing, Matrimonial Litigation and Bankrupicies.

Some of his most important cases include:

  • Investigated the financial records, as well as the specific transactions and documents of a major mortgage fraud scheme in New York City, which led to significant damages awarded to the Plaintiffs. Our analyses and testimony led the Piercing of the Corporate Veil by proving that significant corporate formalities were violated, which created a personal liability for the Defendant.
  • Protected against with Piercing of the Corporate Veil on a matter for a major hotel developer by arguing that the aggregate flow of corporate funds significantly benefited the plaintiffs.
  • Coordinated a team of forensic accountants monitoring over $100 million of deconstruction cost of The World Trade Center. He regularly reported to governmental officials and investigators to report on specific allegations of fraud, as well as inappropriate and excessive costs.
  • Coordinated the investigation of a $70 million insurance fraud for a major insurance company. Identified participating doctors, medical practices, management companies and individuals deliberately Staging car accidents. We performed fund tracing procedures in order to determine the major beneficiaries of this fraud.
  • Investigated a Sullivan County fireworks company, owned and controlled by a major organized crime family, who sued the NYPD for $7 million, pursuant to an alleged illegal buy and bust. Our testimony on this case was aired on Court Television.
  • Identified millions of dollars of hidden assets in numerous matrimonial matters, including unreported income, unreported businesses, undervalued businesses, unfairly transferred assets, false separate property claims and hidden cash accounts.
  • Investigated several Business Improvement Districts in Manhattan and identified millions of dollars of spending abuse resulting from a lack of competitive bidding, bogus sole source contracts and the resulting issuance of significantly overpriced contracts.
  • Examined $120 million of costs of six joint ventures of two electrical contracting companies working for the MTA to determine if labor and materials which were charged to the joint ventures were actually used for other private contracts.
  • Monitored $100 million of cost relating to a condominium conversion project and helped resolve differences between the owner and the general contractor.
  • Analyzed the $85 million claimed by a metal pipe contractor who supplied water pipes to NYC. Our analysis turned the plaintiffs into as defendants we determined that the metallurgical tests used to prove adherence to contract specifications were falsified by the contractor.
  • Investigated the use of $45 million of government funds by a large charity to ensure that funds were not used for religious purposes.
  • Analyzed over $10 million of illegal Fortune 100 stock transactions by a broker who charged clients for prices in excess of daily highs and sold for amounts below daily lows.
  • Calculated $7.2 million of lost profits of a concrete company that was illegally prohibited to operate in a certain jurisdiction.
  • Investigated the use of $6.25 million paid by the NYC School Construction Authority to a bankrupt contractor to do emergency school repairs. We identified to ultimate beneficiaries of these funds.
  • Identified $4.7 million of missing concert sales deposits over a three year period of a prominent Manhattan theatre.
  • Calculated $4.5 million of losses of a general contractor, who was delayed from completing a project due to a series of illegal work stoppages caused by the owner.
  • Calculated a $4.2 million breach of contract claim relating to a chemical company that illegally changed contract specifications.
  • Evaluated a $4.2 million claim from several school bus companies caused by NYC Board of Education school closures.
  • Analyzed the costs included in a $1.75 million lien claim relating to a theme restaurant in order to determine if the costs were relevant and in accordance with the lien law
  • Identified millions of dollars of preferential transfers and undervalued business and real estate holdings in bankruptcy proceedings.