Expert Report Writing and Testimony

Mr. Blass has written numerous Expert reports and provided Expert testimony in both criminal and civil matters in most industries, presenting financial evidence as well as explaining and detailing the results of investigation.

Our Expert report writing and testimony services include:

  • Writing Expert reports for courts, regulators, and governmental authorities
  • Developing and proving complex theories
  • Articulating intricate concepts to both judge and jury in a clear and concise manner
  • Researching relevant economic, industry, and market data
  • Producing quantitative studies to support legal arguments and settlement negotiations
  • Preparing report exhibits and schedules
  • Direct testimony preparation
  • Preparing courtroom case exhibits
  • Creating visual charts and demonstrations
  • Preparing affidavits and Expert opinions in the form of fully vetted reports
  • Assisting in strategizing and formulating questions for the cross examination of the opposing Expert witness
  • Critiquing opposing Expert analysis
  • Providing input on deposition strategy and questions