Construction Disputes

Construction projects can be a complex and, often, confusing process governed by complicated contracts reflecting multiple relationships in several tiers. Although buildings have been built for thousands of years now, no two of them are alike. Construction processes carry an inherent variety of risks at each stage of the project. It is impossible to eliminate all of them, but your goal should be to manage and control construction risks efficiently and effectively.

AIB Construction Dispute Services are designed to provide you with greater control over your construction dollars. We are capable of identifying risks in every stage of the project – from planning through construction through project close-out.

Alan Blass has performed investigative audits in the construction industry for over 30 years in both the pubic and private sectors. Among the many noteworthy construction monitoring projects he has coordinated include the deconstruction of the World Trade Center and the rehabilitation of Grand Central Station.

Our investigative procedures will detect a wide variety of financial and scope contract abuses. We will bring benefit regardless of the type of contract used. Lump-Sum contracts carry scope related risks while the Cost-Plus or Time and Material contracts risks shift toward cost components of the project. We will apply specific task-oriented financial investigative audit procedures tailored to the specific inherent risks of the project.

Moreover, if your enterprise is damaged by wrongful acts or faced with a contract dispute, we can provide professional litigation support, including damage assessment, claims preparation and verification, settlement negotiation and Expert testimony.

The types of financial investigation audit procedures we typically utilize include:

  • Bid Analysis
  • Contract Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control Systems Review and Recommendations
  • Contractor Billing Test – Progress Billings
  • Overhead and Fringe Benefits Rate Reviews
  • Change Order Pricing
  • Delay and Disruption Claims