In today’s climate of complicated business and accounting scandals, experienced Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services have become essential elements of most financial investigations and civil disputes.

This climate demands the support of an experienced professional, who brings a multifaceted approach to complex matters, accounting expertise, technological capabilities, an investigator’s mentality, strategic insight and an understanding of the legal process. All of these elements impact significantly on case planning and execution.

At AIB, we believe that the successful coordination of legal, investigative and forensic accounting skills is the key to a successful resolution of an economic dispute, whether in court, mediation, arbitration or settlement discussions.

In today’s market place, the cost of qualified and experienced Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services has become prohibitive.

The reason we established AIB is to offer an alternative to the high priced consulting groups. By virtually eliminating many layers of bureaucracy and costly overhead, we can offer our services at a fraction of the cost.